The competition dates back to 1939 when Shell Oil Company employees in the USA made a friendly wager over who could travel furthest on the same amount of fuel. Since then it has expanded to two more continents, includes many energy types and sparks passionate debate around the future of energy and mobility.

The competition is split into two classes or categories. The Prototype class focuses on maximum efficiency, while passenger comfort takes a back seat. The Urban-Concept class encourages more practical designs. Cars are also divided by energy type:

  • Internal combustion engine fuels include petrol, diesel, liquid fuel made from natural gas and ethanol.
  • In the electric mobility category, vehicles are powered by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-based batteries.

Chalmers Ecosmarter competes in the Urban-Concept class every year.

This year Shell Eco-marathon will carry 5 Virtual mini challenges in the 4th Quarter of 2020 and 1 On-track event in the 2nd half of 2021. For more information about the challenges, rules & regulation, click on this link: Shell Eco-marathon Virtual Program