CES18 for Pavan Kulkarni

Pavan Kulkarni, Project Engineer,
Body and Drivetrain Engineering

Pavan , we see the name pop up a lot of times in our mail. Always remodelling and fine tuning the design. Very active in the project, he makes sure that his ideas are on the table and he sure has many. His innovative thinking and quick response has sure made him an asset we cannot forego! Here are some quick thoughts from him about a few questions: 

Full name and Home Address(City, Country)
– Pavankumar, Bangalore, India

Current Subgroup and Responsibility
– Body and Drive train, Responsible for design and manufacturing of suspensions
Favourite part of CES ’17
– Outer Body
If there were no restrictions for the competition, how would you have wanted to modify the car?
– Make it RWD and send all the power on the get go!

Take away from CES
– Learning how to design considering manufacturing capabilities available in hand
Favourite track and preferred machine
– Circuit de monaco, Toyota GT86
What drove you to join CES?
– Wanted to improve designing skills
How do you feel working for CES?
– Feels great
What drives you when you’re working for Chalmers Ecosmarter?
– Excited to go for a race with our own car.


On behalf of the Chalmers Ecosmarter Team 2018, we thank Pavan for his time and effort he has put into the project.

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