CES18 for Suhas Satyanarayana

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Suhas Satyanarayana, Project Engineer,
Body and Drivetrain Engineering

The coming posts are focused on the members of Body and Drivetrain Subgroup. This group needs no introduction and they form one of the important categories of CES. Being in charge of chassis, brake systems, tyres and the main drivetrain, they make sure that all that power from the motors are channelled efficiently and safely to the vehicle.

Hailing from namma Bengaluru, Suhas is part of the Drivetrain Division and specialises in design of components. Very swift with his work, Suhas makes sure things are completed
on time!

Full name and Home Address(City, Country)
– Suhas Sathyanarayana – Bangalore, India
Current Subgroup and Responsibility
– Body and drivetrain – drivetrain
Favourite part of CES ’17
– Drivetrain
If there were no restrictions for the competition, how would you have wanted to modify the car?
– Make the car sit as low as possible towards the ground. More sleek. Autonomous maybe!??
Take away from CES
– Nothing is constant, nothing comes out like you want! Change is the only constant. Never stop learning!
Favourite track and preferred machine
– Le Mans. 458 Italian, M3, Pagani Huayra.
What drove you to join CES?
– The idea that you can see something you create, being driven around is simply amazing.
How do you feel working for CES?
– Energetic! Ecstatic! Eager to get things done and see them work
What drives you when you’re working for Chalmers Ecosmarter?
– My goal is to not stop learning and take away something worthy every situation. Our leads have been CES ’18 biggest support with their constant motivation, can’t afford to remove them out of the equation. Equally enthusiastic teammates and friends!

Thank you Suhas for your wonderful inputs and support into making CES ‘18 possible!

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