CES18 for Naren Raghav

Naren Raghav, Project Engineer, Powertrain Engineering

Be it academic knowledge or practical applications, Naren Raghav is the go to guy for Powertrain Engineering. Working alongside Sheshadri , the duo form a strong pair to tackle the challenge posed by the competition with regards to fuel savings. Optimising the engine for maximum fuel savings is their everyday mantra!

Full name and Home Address(City, Country)
– Naren Raghav (Mysore, India)
Current Subgroup and Responsibility
– Powertrain and Hybrid powertrain setup and testing
Favourite part of CES ’17
– Powertrain calibration and manufacturing
If there were no restrictions for the competition, how would you have wanted to modify the car?
– Use a bigger engine
Take away from CES
– Practical know how
Favourite track and preferred machine
– Royal Enfield at Nürbergring
What drove you to join CES?
– Pure passion to build cars and also, an efficient one!
How do you feel working for CES?
– Good experience working hands-on
What drives you when you’re working for Chalmers Ecosmarter?
– To build an efficient hybrid car

We look forward to more awesomeness from the Powertrain Team! Thank you Naren for your continued support and involvement!