CES18 for Sheshadri Sathyan

Sheshadri Sathyan, Project Engineer – Powertrain Engineering

The powertrain division is one of the main subgroups in CES. And as an important part of it, we have the dynamic Sheshadri Sathyan ! With his strong need to unite the team and also a very understanding personality, Sheshadri is also a very knowledgeable member of CES ’18. Check out some of his replies to a few fun questions.

Full name and Home Address(City, Country)
– Sheshadri Sathyan, Bangalore, India
Current Subgroup and Responsibility
– Powertrain, Fuel system setup, No-Load testing.
Favourite part of CES ’17
–  Carbon fibre Rims
If there were no restrictions for the competition, how would you have wanted to modify the car?
– V12 Engine with Turbo-Supercharger
Take away from CES
– Team Work
Favourite track and preferred machine
– Le Mans
What drove you to join CES?
– Interest in Powertrain Engineering
How do you feel working for CES?
– Exciting
What drives you when you’re working for Chalmers Ecosmarter?
– Representing Chalmers University

We are super excited to continue the great work with him and also, show some serious results ! Thank you Sheshadri for your continued support and involvement!

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